We offer a complete financial planning service in conjunction with our partners Sterling Financial. As with our accounting services, our personalised approach is the foremost emphasis for us in providing investment advice.


Our philosophy is simple; through our regular meetings we aim to build a strong relationship of trust with each and every client. We want to communicate with you in plain English, not financial jargon, so you can understand your options and we can better understand your needs.



Our proactive approach to investment management is built upon a disciplined investment process:


Stage 1: Planning In your important first consultation with us we develop a strong understanding of your financial needs and objectives as well as relevant personal and financial circumstances.


Stage 2: Implementing We build your tailored investment portfolio based on your risk profile (identified in the planning stage).


Stage 3: Monitoring and Reviewing We view your investment portfolio as a work in progress – it needs to be flexible enough to cater for changes in your circumstances and investment preferences, together with the outlook for financial markets.


Our advanced quantitative and qualitative approach seeks to make the most of return opportunities while balancing underlying risk exposures. We are proud to offer a uniquely conservative investment approach focused on delivering sustainable income underpinned by diversified growth opportunities.